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Kelly Clarkson fell for her fiance straight away

The “Miss Independent” singer says it was love at first sight for her when she met Brandon Blackstock but was devastated when she realised he was married at the time. 
She said, “This guy walks by and I said, ‘Like that guy – hot, normal, funny, because he was making everybody laugh. I said, I’m gonna end up with him, I know it.”
“For the next six years I’d go on dates and be like, ‘Man I didn’t get that feeling I got that first time with Brandon.”
However, when they met up at last year’s Super Bowl, Brandon was divorced and the pair reconnected.
She explained to People magazine: “He’d been divorced for a year and it was kind of like “Is this too soon?”But it just worked.
“He is everything I ever wanted in a guy.”
Kelly also loves being a stepmother to Brandon’s children Seth, six and Savannah, 11, and can’t wait to have kids of her own.
She said, “I wasn’t really into kids but they are so awesome. We’re gonna wait a bit but we’ll totally have a kid.”

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