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Why we love golden girl Jennifer Lawrence

The golden girl of the moment Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence seems to be all people are talking about lately. But are we really surprised why? Funny, gutsy, completely adorable and the kind of girl you could really see as your NBF, here are a few reasons why we just can’t help crushing on this star!


– She’s already had two Oscar nominations and (now) won an Oscar for Best Actress at the tender age of 22.


– She plays Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games – only one of our favourite trilogys!


– Even though she tripped up the stairs to collect her Oscar, she still managed to make it look so unbelievably adorable!


– We love her honesty! When asked if she intended on tripping up the stairs on her way up to collect her Oscar she replied: “Absolutely! (Laughs.) What do you mean what happened? I had to walk upstairs in this dress, that’s what happened!”


– On the red carpet while being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest she mentioned she was so “starving”, as she hadn’t eaten anything because of all the nerves – wouldn’t you be too!?


– Her new besty is Bradley Cooper. (Which makes us really jealous, because we want to ber ner NBF!)


– She’s the new face of Dior (see image above).


– Even Jack Nicholson has a crush on her (then again, who doesn’t!?):



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