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20 Things no woman should ever live without

1 An always-honest BFF. Perfect for shopping trips, reality checks and relationship advice – even if you don’t want to hear it at the time.

2 Chocolate. After dogs and diamonds, it really is a girl’s best friend.

3 An emergency stash of lady stuff. Tampons? Check. Nail file? Check. Lip balm? Check. Ready for any situation? Totally!

4 A trustworthy gynaecologist on speed dial.

5 Dry shampoo. Or a fabulous hat to hide a bad hair day.

6 A really friendly mirror. One that makes you look just a little taller and a little slimmer – so you walk out the house feeling a lot of both.

7 Nail polish remover – because chipped and faded is never in.

8 A life-changing book, one that made you laugh out loud and shed a tear (or several).

9 Sunblock.

10 A savings account, preferably with something in it.

11 A criminally sexy set of lingerie.

12 Red lipstick (to go with aforesaid lingerie).

13 Seriously killer heels (to go with aforesaid lipstick).

14 A signature scent that will always make him think of you.

15 A man who’s fun in the good times, funny in the bad times and – most importantly – sticks around for both.

16 An epic, suits-all-outfits Mary Poppins-style handbag. That fits, you know, your whole life in it.

17 A photo album bursting with seriously happy memories…

18 … And a bucket list of special moments you still want to create.


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Compiled by Sarah Browining, Meike Mann and Thsegofatso Mogotsi

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