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Jack Osbourne’s wife’s strange pregnancy dreams

Lisa, who has 11-month old daughter Pearl with her husband, was shocked by the weird dreams she had when she was expecting the couple’s first child.


Writing on her blog Raddest Mom, she said, “During the beginning of pregnancy, it’s really common to have vivid, eerie dreams. One minute there’s a giant Brussels sprout dancing around in a miniskirt, and the next minute, you’re kayaking naked with Leonardo DiCaprio. It can be cool, so just go with it.”


Lisa, 26, also admitted she found it difficult to stay awake during her pregnancy.


She added, “I like to call this phenomenon “Pregnancy Narcolepsy.” In my first trimester, I would wake up in random places around the house or out on the patio in a lawn chair. It can feel a lot like you’re trying to stay awake on a sleeping pill, except not in a fun, Ambien kind of way (sic).”


Another unexpected side effect of pregnancy for Lisa, was sore breasts.


She wrote, “Lots of women say their breasts hurt really bad at the very beginning of pregnancy. I know mine did. At the time, mine were so sensitive that a strong gust of wind was painful.”

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