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16 Inspiring (and funny!) life lessons to learn from kids

1. “We only get a few words to speak, so we must use them carefully in case they run out.” – Jenna, 7


2. “Life is like a big balloon; if you let it go, it will fly high into the sky.” – Thando, 6


3. “Nobody likes people who don’t share. So you really should share.” – Oliver, 4


4. “Trees are for climbing, so please don’t cut them down.” – Rushana, 9


5. “You have to wear a seat belt to keep you safe from all the people on the road who got their license in a lucky packet.” – William, 4


6. “I think my mommy loves me more than my sister. But it’s OK, I’m nicer.” – Layla, 6


7. “That story about kissing frogs is a lie. It’s gross – everyone should stop kissing frogs now!” – Yolisa, 10


8. “If we don’t start taking care of our animals, our world is going to turn into a big desert. Then there’ll be no more water, no more food – everything will be stolen.” – Jordan, 5


9. “Daddy said boys tease you if they like you. But so far everyone is nice to me at big school, so I don’t think there will be any romance for me this year.” – Nomalungelo, 7


10. “Even though they’re smaller, dogs have bigger hearts than people.” – Maxine, 9


11. “Mommy, when are you getting an ex-hasband?” – Elijah, 4


12. “Nobody wants to be last in the race, but it always has to be someone. So when it’s my turn to be last, I’ll be OK.” – Nthombi, 5


13. “Sometimes you must just know when to keep quiet; it’s like turning your tap off.” – Sasha, 4


14. “You can see love everywhere you look – I see love when my mommy and daddy kiss.” – Madison, 5


15. “Don’t worry about your wrinkles, God will iron them for you.” – Lisa, 5


16. “Dad’s hugs make me feel better, but Mommy’s kisses fix everything.” – Chloe, 4


As told to Megan Ross

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