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Adriana Lima says ‘sweating is good for you’

The Victoria’s Secret model claims there is nothing wrong with a little perspiration as it helps achieve her coveted glow.


Adriana told E! News: “Of course for me, it’s important to work out. I believe that sweating helps your skin look better. Also, I always carry spray water for my face in my bag and mascara. I always want to keep my lips moist, too.”

The 32-year-old mother of two also credits running after her kids – Valentina Lima Jarić, 4, and nine-month-old Sienna Lima Jarić – as the reason for her enviable figure.

She added: “My children definitely keep me fit. I’m busy all day… moving around. I try to work out as much as I can. Even if it’s for 10 minutes. If you can squeeze in a walk, squats or jump rope, it’s better than nothing! And sometimes I make time for classes. “

Despite the brunette’s lacklustre exercise routine and love of pasta, her toned body means she loves to prance around in skimpy swimwear in the summer months.

Adriana continued: “It’s so sunny in Miami. That’s where my home is, so I’m usually in a bikini or a little dress, shorts, T-shirts. Very relaxed. I like triangle tops and it has to be small. It has to be tight on the side and very little. It’s because I don’t like to have many tan lines, so yes. In Brazil, we always wear small bikinis!”


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