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The Bill’s Kitchen: Notting Hill bake-off

Earlier this week, GLAMOUR was challenged to recreate Bill Granger’s Lime and Coconut Delicious recipe in a way that add something extra to the already delectable dish. The difficult part, of course, was improving on the talents of the man himself – who, after all, had invented the recipe.


Keeping in mind that his recipes are all about simplicity, and that the launch of Bill’s Kitchen: Notting Hill by the Australian chef is marked with a focus on how recipes translate from one location to another, we decided to create a tutorial that was quick, easy and highly portable.


I’m GLAMOUR’s Digital Content Coordinator, so it’s no surprise that I chose to take the tech-savvy route, enlisting the help of Instagram’s new video feature to film a series of clips of the recipe’s preparation process. This feature of the Instagram app allows you to pause your video, so viewers can watch a quick run-through of the video and then take a closer look at specific steps. But you know what they say – the proof’s in the pudding, so try it for yourself.


Feeling inspired to cook up a storm? You can view GLAMOUR’s Lime and Coconut Delicious tutorial on Instagram, right here.


To find out more about Bill’s Kitchen: Notting Hill, follow the hashtag #BillsKitchen on Twitter.

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