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Katy Perry seeks normality

Katy Perry wants to have a “normal life with a normal relationship.”


The ‘Roar’ hit maker, who is dating singer-songwriter John Mayer, claims she doesn’t care if people accuse her of using her relationship for publicity just because she enjoys a night out with her boyfriend.


The 29-year-old singer told Entertainment Weekly magazine: “I want to have a normal life with a normal relationship and I don’t want to be forced to just hang out in a hotel room all the time.”


But Katy insists she only shares “bits and pieces” of her private life with her fans.She said: “I keep enough to myself. I’m going to go on dates and movies and dinners and when I do it’s not because I’m trying to garner any kind of publicity, it’s because it’s something that is just an inevitable by product of this life. It’s never my main focus, it’s never intentional. [My] ideal date is just dinner and a movie. It’s so normal. And a hike, we love to hike.”


The brunette beauty recently released her latest album ‘Prism’ and admits her boyfriend’s opinion about her new music was very important to her.


She said: “I think he’s very proud of it. He’s heard it over the process of me making it. I think his opinion is a priority for me, but also me being happy with it is probably a bit more of a priority. And also what the world thinks of it, and how boring would it be if I did censor myself and I wasn’t able to write about real-life instances? I mean, that’s just not what songwriters do – real songwriters write about their lives.” 


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