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4 Tips for a stress-free holiday

4 Tips for a stress-free holidayWhether you are a frequent flyer or travelling for the first time, your journey can be stress-free and effortless by using these four travel tips.

1 Pre-travel preparations are key

Although over-packing sets you back, so does forgetting things – make a list of all essentials you’ll need. Make copies of your passport, ID, driver’s license, travel insurance and a detailed itinerary, and then print extras and leave with a friend for emergencies (just in case!).

Want a window seat but been allocated a middle seat? Make sure you check-in online 24-hours before your flight is set to depart… this will save you time and hassle at the airport AND you can pick and choose your seat!

And don’t forget to review airport security measures to get clarity about the rules

2 Pack smart

Use a light and durable suitcase that does not exceed weight restrictions or break. It’s really important to make sure that your carry-on bags can fit in the overheads, otherwise the cabin crew will insist that it be stowed in the baggage compartment below.

Checked you bag in, but scared you won’t recognise it amongst the sea of baggage on the conveyor belt when you land? To save time at baggage claims, make your luggage easily identifiable by marking it with a unique ribbon. Always ensure suitcases have locks and tags stating your personal information in case they go missing. 

3 Stay energized

Eat small and balanced meals containing vegetables and enough fibre – unhealthy foods can leave you feeling uncomfortable and restless. And while you may be in a celebratory mood (why wouldn’t you be, you’re jetting off on holiday after all!) try and avoid alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages at altitude will dehydrate you.

Not sure if you’ll be able to sleep on your long-haul flight? Pack earphones or earplugs, a neck cushion and a jersey with a large enough hood to block out light and cabin noise.

4 Get digital

If you hate having to carry countless documents and boarding passes, rather get tech savvy and download an app that stores your passes and other information electronically. 

And don’t forget to switch off push notifications and to switch on your “out of office” replies. Then turn on your device’s flight mode and mute, lower brightness and turn off vibrate. Not only will this save your battery but it will also ensure you don’t arrive back home to hefty data charges. 

To ensure your smart devices are always charged, carry a powerbank in your hand luggage or carry-on bag.  Like Red-E’s RC60, which can charge most smart phones up to three times without recharging.

Looking for more travel tricks and tips? First time travellers, check out these tips to help your prep for your flight and these tips will help you save cash while you travel. 

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