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GLAMOUR Woman of the Year: Hannerie Visser

GLAMOUR Woman of the Year: Hannerie VisserHaving being appointed as the artisanal food curator at this year’s Design Indaba Expo, we have no doubt that food, culinary creativity and design is Hannerie Visser’s passion! So what drives her to take tastebuds even further?

What inspires you to succeed? 

Watching people enjoy events that we have designed and crafted for them with so much care.

What makes you feel like a strong, GLAMOURous woman in your day-to-day life?

The amazing clients, creatives and team that I work with on a daily basis.

Who is your woman of the year? Why? 

My Mom, for teaching us kids to be strong and that anything is possible.

What’s the best career advice that you’ve ever received? 

My aunt, Irna van Zyl, taught me about the importance of having a clear business strategy and goals. She also taught me the importance of a budget (and sticking to it!) and cash flow.

What was the defining moment in your career?

Starting my own company, Studio H.

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