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5 Ways to manage meeting madness

5 Ways to manage meeting madnessIs your diary so full there’s no time left to do actual work? Here’s how you can take control:

1 Shrink your appointments 

Most meetings are set for at least an hour… but it’s actually unnecessary. Long meetings can be 45 minutes and shorter ones, 20. If people know that they have a shorter time limit they tend to be more concise. You could shave off 15 minutes and create an hour a day to spend doing something else.

2 Make an agenda 

Many meetings have no obvious goal, so request an agenda from the organiser. If you’re the one calling the meeting make sure you list the aim of your meeting in bullet form and send it on to whoever you’re meeting with.

3 DON’T book back-to-back appointments 

You simply won’t have time to take stock of recent meetings and will forever be playing catch up. Rather take time between appointments to regain control of your working day and respond to emails.

4 Start on time 

Try and begin all meetings promptly, even if people are late. If key attendees are missing, then rather cancel the meeting. It’s not OK to waste people’s time.

5 Delegate 

Not sure that the meeting is – or why you’ve been invited? Ask the organiser to clarify why you’ve been added to the list. If they’ve asked the wrong person, suggest a colleague and if they avoid answering then decline the meeting request. You’ll save yourself time and send a strong message.

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