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6 Tips for the perfect engagement ring selfie

Engagement Ring SelfieYou’re engaged! Congratulations! Now that you’ve bagged the engagement ring, here comes the hard part. No, we don’t mean setting a date, choosing a dress or deciding on a menu (although those things are kind of important). We’re talking about taking the perfect engagement ring selfie!

One of the downsides to social media is that everyone (from your second cousin twice removed to that random person you think you went to school with) wants to know your business. Your Facebook wall is filling up with posts asking to see a snap of the ring. And if all eyes are going to be on a picture of your hand, you want it to look good.

You might not be used to posting close-ups of your hand, so taking a good engagement ring selfie can be kind of stressful. You’ll suddenly become aware of things that had never bothered you before: a slightly crooked finger, super dry cuticles, saggy knuckles… But don’t put your phone away just yet, because we have a few tips and tricks for you.

These 6 tips will help you get the perfect ring selfie – without a hundred takes!

1 Get a good paint job

You’re only going to get one shot at this (get the pun?) so you might as well wait until your nails are looking pretty. PS: Don’t be that girl who shares over 20 ring photos…

2 Wait for natural light

If you want your ring to #sparkle, understand that no filter is going to it as much justice as the sun. Just a tip, don’t hold your hand in direct sunlight – not even some of the best photographers can get this right.

3 Find a cool backdrop

Please don’t ruin your pretty ring by shooting it with dirty plates in the background! Find something interesting to snap it against, like a field of flowers or a cool fabric.

4 Practice that pose

You want to position your hand in a flattering way. Holding it up will make it look less vein-y, holding an item like a glass will smooth your knuckles, and making a fist will hide stubby fingers.

5 Get focused

If you don’t want a picture that’s concentrating on a random nail, make sure you focus the camera on your ring (on most phones you just tap the screen). This way you’ll also capture maximum detail.

6 Soften the edges

Make the ring the center of attention by blurring the background. On Instagram, use the radial setting of the tilt shift tool to focus on the stone and soften everything else.

Check out the gallery below for some great examples!

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