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Kristen Stewart is a proud member of the LGBT community

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart says she came out as gay on ‘Saturday Night Live’ because it “worked for the joke” she was telling in her monologue.

The 26-year-old actress – who was previously romantically linked to musician St Vincent – told viewers she was “so gay” when she hosted the television programme last month after previously having spent years being vague about her sexuality.

At the time, Kristen was making a joke about President Donald Trump who tweeted her numerous times after it was revealed she cheated on her ex-boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, as she said the former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ star would likely hate her more now because “[she’s] so gay dude”.

Speaking about her decision to use the programme to come out, Kristen said: “Honestly, I thought it was just funny. Not to diminish the point because I think that saying things sort of bluntly is absolutely important, but at the same time, the only reason I haven’t ever done that is because there is an ambiguity to that and I wanted things to be really real for me. But honestly, it just worked for the joke.”

And the Personal Shopper actress admits she didn’t purposely use the platform to do something that was going to be “so important”, but is “utterly proud” that people have thanked her for speaking publicly about her sexuality.

Speaking to E! News, Kristen said: “It wasn’t like this, ‘Let’s do this thing that’s going to be so important’, I just thought it was a nice slight. And also yeah, 100 per cent, I’m so utterly proud that I’ve had so many people be like ‘Thank you’, and I’m like ‘No, thank you’. It’s kind of mutual. It’s full circle.”

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