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Bella Hadid’s 21st birthday party can get it

There are two types of situations in the world: ones that are quiet and ones that can, like, get it. That’s what Bella Hadid’s now viral sneaker-shopping video for Complex taught us, at least.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? A quick overview: Bella recently filmed a video talking about Nike’s assortment of footwear, which she repeatedly described as “dope.” In it, she revealed her sneaker “turn-offs”: A “homeboy,” she said, “coming through” with “dirty” but not “fresh” sneakers is “quiet.” However, said “homeboy” can “get it” if he’s wearing “Air Maxes” or “Jordans.” The interview, which Bella’s fans playfully roasted her about on her birthday yesterday, has since become the Internet’s new favourite meme. And for good reason: The phrases “quiet” and “get it” are truly universal.

And the latter perfectly describes Bella’s birthday party last night. She and her older sister, Gigi, tore up New York City in honor of Bella’s 21st birthday—and, thankfully, they documented it all on Instagram Stories. Seriously, the celebration looked so luxe and glam. If this birthday party was a “homeboy,” he could definitely get it.

The bulk of the party seemed to take place inside a chic NYC restaurant, where Bella, Gigi, a handful of friends and family—including mama Yolanda—drank wine, posed for selfies, and ate a cake with approximately 10,000 candles on it. Here are the best clips from the bash that we found:

“And now I’m going to get absolutely fucking lit.”


Blurry selfies like this can also get it.


The face I make when I see a couple wearing “dope” matching sneakers.


“My favorites!!!” — This man describing Bella (and Air Maxes, probably)

A birthday cake fit for the dopest, freshest human alive.


It’s quiet for everyone who doesn’t like this party.


Creeping on those new Jordans like…

Happy birthday, Bella!

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