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Bella Hadid’s “homeboy’s gonna get itttt” interview goes viral. Prepare to cringe hard.

Celebrities are required to do a helluva lot of interviews – it’s a huge part of the job – so you can’t expect them to go their entire career without pulling at least one shocker. Cara Delevingne’s Paper Towns interview and basically any interview that Shia LaBeouf has ever done comes to mind. Supermodel Bella Hadid, however, has remained pretty faultless in interviews so far, with softly spoken discussions about her love for her family and how #blessed she is. Well, then there was Complex.

Bella Hadid


Speaking to Complex magazine about the correlation between trainers and attractiveness, Bella showed a side of herself we’ve never seen before. Using the word “dope” more times that it is ever necessary to use the word “dope”, Bella spoke through her sneaker turn-offs and turn-ons. Twitter users were quick to mock Bella’s language, with some even saying she was talking “like an undercover cop”.

But perhaps the best line from the interview, and the focus of memes galore since it hit the internet, came when she discussed the favourable reaction she’d have to a guy if he wore some “fresh” Air Max 95s. What’s going to happen Bella? “Homeboy gonna get ittttt,” she confirms.

Watch the full thing here:

Enough to turn our souls black, anyone else?

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