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Missed that promotion? 4 Reasons why it could be the best thing for your career

Why missing out on a promotion could be a good thing

You’ve been working hard at the office, putting in long hours, taking on extra work, and making yourself indispensable. There’s a promotion up for grabs, and you’ll do anything it takes to get it. Except come announcement day, the role you’ve been coveting goes to someone else, along with the corner office, the pay rise and the parking space. Naturally you’re gutted. You might even start looking for a new job out of anger and disappointment. But if you’re able to take a step back, you might see that being passed over for a promotion could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Here’s why:

1 You weren’t ready

You might have thought you were ready for more responsibility, but the powers that be weren’t convinced. Yes, it’s possible to learn on the job, but if you’re not at the level you need to be to rise to the challenge, you run the risk of failing spectacularly and looking bad on a company-wide level. Rather take the time you need to upskill yourself, then come back and slay.

2 You didn’t actually want the job

On a sub-conscious level that is. Yes, you were looking forward to the status of a new position (and the extra money too), but consider that moving higher up the ladder means doing less day-to-day work and more managing and mentoring. If you prefer doing actual work rather than guiding other people’s careers, staying put could be a lucky escape.

3 You have more work to do

Not in terms of office work necessarily, but in terms of your personality, your attitude, and your ability to cope with more stress and tighter deadlines. Ask your boss for feedback on what you need to do to deserve a promotion in the future, and do some self-analysis too. Then work on your professional transformation and go get what’s yours.

4 You needed a push

Out the door, that is. If you can 100% honestly say that you were ready for the promotion, that you wanted the job, and that you were the ideal candidate, and yet were still passed over, then it could be time for you to move somewhere your skills and contribution are actually valued. Start hunting for a new job, or go solo, and promote yourself to a brighter future!

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