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Tamara Dey shows off her baby bump in these exclusive pics!

Tamara Dey first shared the news of her pregnancy in September with a stunning photo on Instagram. But we have exclusive photographs of her latest maternity shoot and boy does she make motherhood look good!
She shared with us the up and downs of pregnancy and her top mommy fashion tips. Read what she had to say here:

What is it like being pregnant?

Pregnancy has been a completely mind-blowing experience and a very spiritual one for me too. I’m inclined to stress and over think things but I’ve been feeling surprisingly calm and really happy throughout the process, possibly because my soul has been ready for this lesson for a while now.
Despite the discomforts and physical challenges of the 3rd trimester, I’ve never been more in awe of and in complete trust of my body. I’m loving my pregnant bumps and curves and am constantly in fits of giggles at the sight of my shiny round belly. I’ve been attending Pilates classes and they have kept me feeling physically fit and mentally strong and really helped me to stay connected to my body and my baby throughout the pregnancy.

Your tips for first-time moms?

Expect anything, embrace everything and don’t compare yourself to others. Our bodies are different, our lifestyles are different and every pregnant woman is different and could experience a range of different symptoms and challenges during pregnancy.
There will be both good days and bad, so just be kind to yourself and listen to your body. There will also be loads of great advice out there from other women around you have braved through it, embrace what resonates with you and ultimately do what works best for you and your body, trust yourself.

Have you decided on a name yet?

I’ve been toying with a few names but haven’t decided yet. I feel like this little soul will inevitably choose its name, and how and when it’s going to enter the world as well!

What is the best part of being pregnant?

The part I’ve loved the most has to be the very intimate bond that’s been forming with the soul I’m carrying, I just can’t wait to meet this little person! I’m also so grateful for the incredible support I’ve gotten from my friends, family and fans! You’ve all been so kind, caring and supportive. Thank you!

Your top fashion tips for maternity wear

I found finding fashionable maternity wear quite challenging initially but then found a few gems in the end.
I’ve been living in the beautiful breathable bamboo maternity basics from Yummy Mummy and really enjoyed some great online shopping from Spree’s maternity-wear brands.
I’ve also found some very cool pieces from normal collections that just worked. I’ve loved wearing Gert Johan Coetzee’s kaftans to perform in on stage during the pregnancy and have been most comfortable in flowy-cropped tops and a high waisted stretchy floor length skirt, or long body con dresses etc.

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