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You’ve got to see Gal Gadot’s impression of Kendall Jenner

Gal Gadot stole our hearts when she donned armour and fist cuffs as Wonder Woman earlier in the year. But now, well, it’s just got even better. (Soz, Kendall).

The 32-year-old parodied the supermodel on Saturday Night Live in a skit reality TV show called Kendall’s Model House.

In the teaser clip, Kendall, Gigi and Bella Hadid (all played by Gal) are all seen gathered in the kitchen as a narrator tells us to “Tune in as Kendall Jenner and supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid complain around a huge bowl of fruit.”

Gal Gadot
Photography: Twitter/@nbcsnl

Donning a monotone voice and emotionless facial expression, ‘Kendall’ says to Gigi: “I’m under a lot of pressure, you’re prettier than me.”

“No way! You’re so much prettier than me,” Gigi replies.

Ok, we cannot help but laugh. Nice job, Gal. And we’re sure the girls will take it all in good humour. Right, right?!

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