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Man Candy Monday

Lanky Jake 26-year-old Capetonian musician, Jaco Botha, known as Lanky Jake, describes himself as a self-confessed daydreamer and an all-round ‘music geek’. Today a noted guitarist, singer, songwriter and music producer, Jake came to the public’s attention as one of the top 50 on South African Idols Season 11, after which he made the decision to pursue his dream of creating world-class music full-time. Get to know Lanky Jake here:

What would you say is your best attribute, and why?

My voice. It doesn’t deteriorate over time like looks do.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by experiences in my life or notable events. It could even be something silly like a T-shirt that says ‘Don’t take life too seriously; no-one makes it out alive.’ My one song, ‘Cool jam’, was inspired by that message. Other musicians who inspire me are artists like Jon Bellion, Pharrell Williams, and Charlie Finch.

Lanky Jake

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

A trip down to the gun range for some clay pigeon shooting and then all-you-can-eat sushi afterwards.

What’s your favourite drink?

A good IPA beer.

What fills the spot at the top of your dream destination list?

I’d love to go to all of the great music cities in the world like Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and London. I’d just go and geek out about all the shows and music!

Lanky Jake

Do you have any regrets when it comes to past relationships?

Yes – not being open and honest about where I thought certain relationships were going. If one person expects one thing and the other person expects another, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Who is your style icon?

Pharrell Williams. I don’t think I can pull off half of what he wears though. The guy just oozes style and attitude.

Lanky Jake

Who is your WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)?

My beautiful wife Natalie (every Wednesday).

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