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This tweet has fans convinced Taylor Swift did a song with Selena Gomez on Reputation

Selena Gomez and Taylor SwiftTruthfully, there are only two things the Internet wants to know about Taylor Swift’s album, Reputation, which comes out November 10: (1) How much Kimye/Katy Perry shade is on it? And (2): Is there a Selena Gomez collaboration?

The latter question has been a dominant theory in Taylor Swift fan Tumblr for months now. Selena and Taylor are best friends, after all, and they happen to be two of the biggest pop stars in the world. A collaboration between them makes total sense. Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video proves they are absolutely dynamic together. Just imagine what a song between them would sound like. It’s the bop we’ve been waiting all year for, to be honest.

And it might be happening. A tweet from the president and CEO of Big Machine Records (Taylor’s label), Scott Borchetta, has several fans convinced a song with Selena is featured on Reputation. Borchetta posted a behind-the-scenes video of Taylor shooting the Reputation cover art and captioned it, “This is so good.” He also tagged Taylor, Big Machine Records, and Selena in the tweet, but here’s the problem: Selena doesn’t make an appearance in the video. She’s not with Taylor on the shoot, her music isn’t featured, and Taylor doesn’t mention Selena at all. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be a reason why Borchetta would tag her—so why did he?

A “Taylena” collaboration, perhaps? That’s what fans are saying, at least. Peep some reactions, below.

We’re on board if this is the case, but we’re not holding our breath as the evidence here is pretty thin. Thankfully, however, Reputation comes out in just four days—so any collaboration won’t stay a secret for long.

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