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Emma Stone canceled plans on Jennifer Lawrence and left her with half a face of makeup

Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence

Make some room in your heart, because Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence‘s friendship is going to need the space. Last week brought us the pair’s delightful joint interview with W, in which they discussed memories like their pet turtles and a shared stalker (believe it or not, much funnier than it sounds). The only downside is that it took until now for the two to get onscreen together, especially when you see the dynamic we’ve been missing out on. But on the upside, they just gave fans an inside look at their Golden Globes night. As expected, it’s gold.

According to a video Jennifer posted on Facebook, the two were supposed to meet up after the ceremony to go to some after-parties together. As celebrities do, Jennifer called in a glam squad to prep her look for the night — so when Emma texted that she’d rather just hang out at home instead, as good friends do, Jennifer rolled with the change of plans.

That meant stopping everything and sending her squad home for the night, and that meant the Internet got a fantastic video of Jennifer wearing exactly one-half of a full-on look.

“What happened tonight?” Emma asks Jennifer, who’s shown in profile. “Well. You had told me you wanted me to be your date to the after-parties, so I got us tickets to some after-parties, and booked a car, and was halfway through glam when you told me told me that you didn’t want to go,” Jennifer slowly says, turning toward the camera. “That you just wanted to come over to my house, so I sent my hair and makeup team home. And now this is what I look like.” She stares at the camera with one pitch-black smoky eye. The woman knows drama, and that is some impeccable comedic timing.

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