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Meghan Markle just made a huge change to her social media accounts

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle‘s life has changed pretty drastically since getting engaged to Prince Harry. She gave up her Audi car lease in Toronto (allegedly), left Suits, and moved to England. Instead of running lines, Meghan now spends her days making appearances at benefits and youth organizations, where she wears fabulous hats and poses for photos with her literal-prince fiancé. It’s a luxe life, to say the least — different, sure, but luxe nonetheless.

Meghan’s made it clear these changes happened on own her terms, though. In a sit-down interview last November, Meghan said she was actually quite ready to leave Suits — in her words, she had “ticked” that box.

So we’re sure the change she just made to her social media accounts is autonomous, as well. The soon-to-be duchess has officially deleted her Instagram and Twitter profiles. Like, if you search for her profiles, they just straight-up won’t be there. Want proof? Check out these screenshots.

Meghan Markle just made a huge change to her social media accounts

And here’s what happens when you search for her Instagram:

Meghan Markle just made a huge change to her social media accounts

What’s happening? Why did Meghan suddenly feel the urge to wipe her social media presence off the Internet? Well, Prince Harry and Prince William don’t have social media profiles — neither does Kate Middleton — so it’s plausible this is just royal protocol. After all, we learn about the Royals’ lives nowadays exclusively through the Kensington Palace social media channels. Perhaps Meghan thought it was best to delete her profiles and streamline that information.

It’s also likely that Kensington Palace asked Meghan to do this. Royal protocol, ya know? Regardless, we’re sure Meghan was down for the change. She’s about to be royalty, people; having a curated social media presence is kind of a requirement.

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