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On our playlist: Dua Lipa, ‘IDGAF’

IDGAFDua Lipa caught her big break with ‘New Rules,’ storming the charts around the globe with her break-up advice set to music. A major part of the song’s appeal lies in the brilliant video, which elevates the humble girls’ night into some form of art. It goes without saying that expectations are high for her next single, ‘IDGAF.’ ‘IDGAF’ is the latest single from the star’s 2017 debut album. The video was directed by Henry Scholfield, in collaboration with Stromae, and sees Dua’s softer side in a battle with a cold, empowered alter ego. She said the video is about your stronger and weaker side fighting with each other only to realise that self-love is what will help you overcome any negativity that comes your way. Fans have definitely shown their love for her new track, what do you think?

Watch the video here:

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