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Is Bonang expecting?

Bonang MathebaBonang Matheba is undoubtedly a celebrity in the most real sense of the word in South Africa. All she has to do is breathe to cause a commotion.  She is well aware of this fact and often capitalizes on it to keep her name in the headlines without even having to work too hard to do so. By Bonang’s standards, she has been relatively “quiet” for a while, which means she has been working on a few things and the hints she has been posting on the timeline mean that she is almost ready to reveal it all. Cue the tweet that got everyone excited because of the wording she chose:

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People went crazy on Twitter asking her if she was expecting a baby but soon after she then deleted the tweet with no answers given. Well, that’s one way to get our attention Queen B!

What are your thoughts?

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