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What not to skimp on for your wedding

Real Wedding AlertGetting married costs money, that’s a fact. So before you spend thousands on centrepieces and tie-backs, it’s best to draw up a budget and stick to it. However, it’s not quite that simple, as while saving is important, there are a number of equally important elements you won’t want to skimp on, such as: 


It’s at the top of the list for a reason – because the images from your big day will be the memories you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s no good getting Uncle Jack to take a few pics with his new iPhone. There’s a difference between smartphone photos and professional images, one which you’ll appreciate when you look back at your wedding album. Do some research into what a good photographer will cost, ask for referrals and go pro all the way. You can thank us later. 

Food and drink 

You don’t have to go for a Michelin-star spread, but you do have to go for caterers who will provide a delicious meal for you and your guests, and ensure that everything runs smoothly at the same time. Whether you opt for a buffet, canapés or a plated meal, you want your food to be mouthwatering, you want your drinks delivered on time and you want your guests to enjoy every minute of your celebration. And that’s something you’ll have to pay for. 


Again, not skimping on your venue doesn’t necessarily mean booking a June wedding at the Plaza in New York. But it does mean finding a space you and your partner are both happy with, that can accommodate your guests amply, has a Plan B in case of bad weather and has enough room for any music, dancing or entertainment you’ve planned. There are a lot of budget-wise options you can choose to cut costs, such as having your wedding during the week or in the off-season, but your venue will still take a large chunk of your wedding budget, so be prepared!

Hair and makeup 

Yes, we know you do your own hair and makeup brilliantly every day of the week. So you shouldn’t need to pay a professional right? Wrong! While you may be good at doing your own makeup, you don’t have the skills of a trained pro who’ll know exactly how to ensure lasting makeup with zero smudging, and hair that stays perfectly in place all day. You want to look your best, and a professional stylist will know exactly how to make that happen both in your pics and in person. So allocate the necessary funds towards your dream wedding look, and go get your happily ever after with a dazzling, perfectly applied smile

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