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9 female Instagram change-makers to follow for serious inspiration 💪

12 T-shirts every strong, independent woman needsSick of seeing the same old famous faces on your Instagram timeline and ready for some new and inspiring accounts to follow? Look no further.

Whether you’re after someone who is challenging stereotypes and redefining beauty standards, or you just want some cool feminist art to look at – here are nine emerging female Instagrammers making positive changes in their worlds.

1. Lauren Mahon – @girlvcancer (5.4k followers)

Lauren Mahon started her T-shirt business, GIRLvsCANCER, in 2016 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She soon grew a strong following on Instagram, creating a community of supporters for those affected by cancer and building dialogue around the subject.

2. Pink Bits – @pink_bits (46.9k followers)

Pink Bits is a body positive illustrator that aims to empower women with confidence. Her illustrations include women of all races, shapes, sizes and ages, proudly flaunting their scars, body hair, curves and disabilities – all the things society has told us to hide away.

3. Alia Loren – @alialoren (9.9k followers)

caption block, just post ur pic n go.

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Alia Loren is a Rinse FM radio presenter and activist. She often uses her Instagram to raise awareness of social and political problems such as immigration, the refugee crisis and modern day slavery in Libya.

4. Sonny Turner – @sonnyturner___ (209k followers)

Model and feminist, Sonny Turner, is an ardent body positivity activist. She uses the hashtag #everyBODYisbeautiful in posts to challenge traditional notions of skinny = beautiful.

5. Mariah Idrissi – @mariahidrissi (75k followers)

All the way up ✨🇦🇪 @namshi #Dubai #MyDubai #UAE @the_agenc

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Mariah Idrissi is a British Moroccan/Pakistani model, public speaker, and influencer. Idrissi initially gained recognition as one of the first Muslim hijab-wearing models when she appeared in H&M’s ‘Close the Loop’ campaign. She has become a leading authority on modest fashion ever since, appearing on domestic and international news programmes on the subject.

6. Otega Uwagba – @oteghauwagba (6k followers)

This selfie’s pretty much all I’ve achieved today, don’t tell Forbes.

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Otegha Uwagba, formerly of Vice and AMV BBDO (an advertising agency that works with brands like BT, Sainsbury’s, Diageo, Walkers and Mars) is the founder of Women Who – a network for creative working women. It aims to connect, support and inspire women working in the creative industries through publications, online content and events.

7. Milly Smith – @selfloveclub (185k followers)

NOTHING ABOUT OUR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE DICTATES OUR WORTH. Nothing. Shaving my head due to hair loss from treatment was empowering but also terrifying and dulled my self esteem. I felt weak and powerless. I lost myself and my personality. It took me weeks but after some self reflection I realised my superpowers weren’t kept within my hair, my beauty wasn’t dependant on flowing locks, my worth isn’t affected by thick, long hair. I never lost myself, I never ‘lost’ my beauty, I never lost my powers; I never stopped being my own badass superhero. . There’s no representation of 😒Thinning hair 😒Afro hair 😒Bald heads 😒Frizzy hair 😒Greying hair 😒People with hair picking conditions The list goes on. Beauty doesn’t start OR end with long, blonde, healthy hair. Beauty comes in so many shapes and forms and that includes any type of hair you can possibly imagine and hair certainly doesn’t affect our worth. . Whatever you have or don’t have on your scalp you are BEAUTIFUL 💛

A post shared by 👑☀️🌻💛MILLY💛🌻☀️👑 (@selfloveclubb) on

Body confidence activist Milly went viral after she candidly shared a post highlighting how deceptive photos can be by showing two different images of her self – one wearing tights and one without. She now uses her Instagram account to encourage women to embrace their VBO (visible belly outline). She inspires others to be proud of their bodies and wear whatever they want – even if they’ve been told it doesn’t “flatter” them.

8. Kat Hawkins – @amputee_kat (9.1k followers)

Kat is a dancer and GB volleyball athlete who uses her Instagram account to challenge preconceptions of what limb loss looks like. She lost both of her legs below the knee after contracting meningitis. She started doing yoga in her bedroom four years ago and is keen to spread the message of how much it can help holistically. She has been sharing her tips and experiences using the hashtag #amputeeyoga (which has hundreds of posts from around the world) ever since.

9. Gracie Francesca – @Gracefvictory (100.3k followers)

Gracie published her book The Pressure To Be Perfect back in 2012 after many years of learning who she is and embarking on a journey of ultimate self-love. She uses her Instagram account to discuss fashion, food, beauty and style, but also body image, eating disorders and self-harm.

Get ready to see their followers sky-rocket.

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