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The Kiffness’ best tweets EVER

The KiffnessTwitter may not be the place to solve your disputes, but it sure is entertaining for fans when their favourite stars use the site to slam each other (or trolling haters). The evidence of the shade remains for weeks, months, sometimes years for all the world to see. Lesson: If you don’t want it etched in stone like the Ten Commandments, don’t tweet it. But we will give Dave from The Kiffness props for his hilarious tweets that will brighten up anyone’s day.

See some of our top tweets here!

That time he called out DJ Das Kapital for saying he’d never play Kirstenbosch and look where he’s performing this Sunday!

When he threw shade at the band Rubber Duc, but it was all in good fun.

His clear love for Woolworths.

When he gave possibly the worst advice on national radio about water saving tips!

Even throwing a little shade at the mammas out there

When he almost got into a lot of trouble with the citizens of Cape Town.

When he made fun of the whole H&M debacle. We couldn’t help but giggle at this one too.

His inspiring new year’s resolutions

The relationship he has with his mom (SO CUTE)

But our absolute favourite had to be when he outed Sketchy Bongo for sampling tracks.

Dave from all of us at GLAMOUR, we thank you for your tweets!

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