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Thembisa Mdoda shares 4 major keys to success

With a hit show under her belt, a cover secured on one of South Africa’s leading magazines, and a SAFTA on her mantle; it’s safe to say that presenter and actress, Thembisa Mdoda, is winning at life. So, we’re sharing Mdoda’s 4 secrets to success, to inspire and motivate you.

Thembisa Mdoda

Key No. 1: Be Yourself

The mother of two and media personality credits her success to her ability to be herself in everything that she does. “It hasn’t failed me thus far. By being yourself, unapologetically, you know what is for you and what is not. You are able to speak and work with no doubts. For me that all comes from prayer.”

Key No. 2: Don’t be fazed by the haters

Mdoda doesn’t get worked up by what people say on social media. “What is said on social media is never close to what the truth is,” says Mdoda.

Key No. 3: Lay a foundation for everything you do

“I have learned to lay a foundation for everything I do. If you lay the foundation, there’s nothing you cannot do. The discipline to do what I have to do and do it well, I get from doing what I love. Good management, a great support structure and spiritual guidance are also very important.”

Key No. 4: Walk to the beat of your own drum.

Thembisa Mdoda says that her mantra is: “walk to the beat of your own drum.”

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