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If you’re studying abroad these are the apps you need!

studying abroadStudying abroad is not only a blessing but it also comes with its set of challenges. On top of trying to maintain good results to obtain that degree, there are the challenges of finding your way around a new city, make new friends, potentially learn a new language, and keep in touch with your loved ones back home. That’s pretty daunting no matter how hard you emotionally prepare yourself. Thankfully, there’s an app to help get you through even the toughest of times overseas. Here, the apps to download to help make your study abroad experience a lot easier and less daunting. 


One of the perks of studying overseas is having the weekends to explore your new surroundings. BlaBlaCar is available throughout Europe and Mexico and the apps unique selling point is that they’re 75 percent cheaper than a train. It’s also no secret that your Uber experience is 90% affected by your given driver and after a long day of travelling the last thing you want is a chatty Kathy behind the wheel. On BlaBlaCar you can choose your desired chattiness level to ensure the vibes are just right. Bonus!


Shapr is a combination of Tinder and Linkedin. The app suggests relevant matches based on your professional profile. Anonymously swipe right to connect with students in your field or prospective mentors. Once it’s a match, you’ve found yourself a study buddy.


If you’re not on WhatsApp then you have me wondering HOW you actually communicate with the outside world. With 1.2 billion users over 80 countries, it’s become the universal communication platform. In an outing with your new pals, be sure to enable the live location feature so you all stick together. Another bonus with WhatsApp is the calling feature so bye bye international fees! Missing your mom? If you have wi-fi, which is practically anywhere overseas, simply call her up on Whatsapp. Simple


Venturing out into the unknown leaves you with two daunting decisions. You either deal with the fact that you WILL get lost on your way to an event, or sacrifice hundreds of rands worth of data just to load Google Maps. WithCityMaps2Go, this all-in-one travel guide, you can pre-load your map route, zoom and search so you end up at your destination in one piece.


Learn from the app’s 23 foreign languages by practicing with a chatbot, testing your knowledge with flashcards or playing multiple choice games. It’s not only productive but also a pretty addictive way to educate yourself about your new surroundings as well as get on the locals’ good sides.

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