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GLAMOUR girls share the 10 ‘major keys’ they got from their moms

10 GLAMOUR girls share pieces of treasured and unforgettable advice passed on from their mothers.

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Although we cross paths with a variety of wonderful and interesting people throughout our lives, no one compares to our mothers. We may not always see eye-to-eye, and handling our differences can be challenging at times, but we know that we can count on them for invaluable guidance when it’s needed the most. Read on to discover the most prominent words of wisdom that 10 GLAMOUR girls received from their mothers…


“I often felt bad about not being good at cooking or doing general domestic tasks- things which women are expected to be good at. I was always studying and never had the time to learn! My mother knew how I felt and motivated me to spend as much time as I wanted to on my studies. She told me that I could always learn to cook and clean at any stage of my life, but that I might never get the time and opportunity to focus on studying again, so I should take advantage of the time I have now.” – Aneesah Moodley *


“My mother has given me lots of advice over the years, but something that stands out for me is to always make sure that my actions or words don’t hurt someone’s feelings. Words can be forgiven, but not as easily forgotten.” – Gabriella Asensio *


“Women in my community are taught to always be good to their in-laws and husbands, even when their in-laws and husbands are nasty or unreasonable towards them! My mother made me realise that this is the worst advice ever and that I deserve to be respected.” – Nasreen Koorowlay *


“I think that without realising it, my mom has taught me perseverance. Sometimes things get difficult and that’s life…. we are meant to be tested. She inspires me to tackle each situation with love, kindness, and a positive spirit. Over and above that, she encourages me to never despair and to always see the glass half full. I’m thankful for her advice because I’ve learned to finish what I start, always have hope and see beauty in the little things.” – Ilhaam Allie Khan


“My mom has always shared with me the well-known proverb: ‘Knowledge is power.’ By heeding this proverb, I have completed a Business Science degree majoring in marketing, and am now studying part-time towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management, at UCT. This proverb has also held true in my career, as I have always remained open to learning from others and this has helped me grow immensely.” – Natasha Coppin 


“The best advice my mother gave me is that I have time. Time to travel, time to build my career and time to get married. There is no rush. As someone in their late 20s who sees her friends ‘getting ahead’ in life, this is one of the lessons I hold on to because I’m not competing in a race! I’m living my life in my own time and that’s okay.” – Annzra Denita


“Open and honest communication between yourself and your partner is key for a strong, long-lasting relationship. It’s important to always express your feelings- don’t bottle things up.” – Phumela Gumbi * 


“I think the most impactful advice that my mother has given me, which I apply mostly in my marriage and to my health, is not to stress about things that I have no control over. Stay relaxed and calm because things will happen as they should and when they should.” – Diedré Prinsloo *


“Don’t feel the need to settle on a career path straight after finishing school or university. It sometimes takes a while to find out what you’re truly passionate about and what you want to do in life.” – Catherine Gibley *


“My mother actually pointed out some bad advice from others, that being to always ‘keep the peace, even if it’s going to harm you’. She says that uncomfortable conversations are sometimes necessary in order to get issues resolved.” – Mpho Nxadi *

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