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Curvy queens breaking fashion boundaries

curvySociety and especially the fashion industry has a strong opinion about how curvy, plus-size women should act, what they should wear and who they should be in the world. It can be exhausting to stick to the cultural expectation that demands they blend in and be highly put-together at the same time. Someone, somewhere, came up with a ridiculous list of fashion rules plus-size women were supposed to follow: don’t wear crop tops, don’t wear stripes, don’t wear strapless dresses, etc. But these ladies are helping to challenge those expectations and smash those standards into the ground. These ladies are crushing outdated beauty standards while making our Instagram feeds a whole lot prettier.

Charnelle Paulse


Chunky 🍔

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Anele Mdoda

Junette Syster

Marciel Hopkins

Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us, they know exactly how it should be done. – Rudy Francisco 🔥❤ You will never be happy in your own skin if your self acceptance is depentent on the acceptance of others. Bodies go in and out of style and it’s impossible to be everybody’s cup of tea. That is why it’s SO important to love and accept yourself, regardless of what others might think or say. Self love and care first, always! Stop investing time in relationships where you need to strive towards being accepted. Be with people who celebrate you and clap hardest when you succeed! 🙌🎊 Captured by @wernerstoltz wearing @sommer.swim hair & make up by @talia_barak. A big thanks to @garyromhaircanalwalk for my fresh cut and attention to detail hair care! 💇👌 #selflove #selfcare #selfacceptance #healthnotsize #bodypositivity #bodycelebration #bodyconfidence #curvemodel #swimwear #sommerswim #bikini #CapeTown #Llandudno #beachbum #liveandletlive #beautybeyondsize #nowrongwaytohaveabody

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Mimi Silver

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