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Did you miss this South African gem in Black Panther?

Trevor NoahWhen Black Panther came out many backed the movie for putting South Africa on the map but we were a little disappointed when not many actual South Africans were cast in the movie. After all, we have the talent. But apparently, we were wrong. There was one special voice that a lot of us may have missed. Maybe it was due to the put on South African accent but the voice behind it is well-known for accents. That’s right, Trevor Noah made a small appearance in the movie. After a tweep posted a picture of the credits showing Trevor was behind the voice of Griot the spaceship. After picking this up we had to get to the bottom of it and we found this snippet from the movie where you hear his voice.

Watch here:

CRAZY. How did we miss it?

Another one for Trevor on his way to world domination!

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