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2018 World Cup baes to look out for

Vuvuzelas at the ready, ladies. The most anticipated sports event of the year has something for everyone to cheer about. With the Russia Soccer World Cup kicking off today here are the players you should be keeping your eye one. Not only for their skills on the field but they’re also some serious eye candy.

Leroy Sané

Photography: Twitter/@LeroySane19

22, Germany
That jawline, the ‘Fro and those eyes… If Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz had a son, we imagine he may have looked something like this. Known for his breaking speed records and bamboozling his opponents with his skilful trickery on the field, Leroy is considered one of the most talented young soccer players in the world. Off the pitch, the half-Senegalese stunner is a huge fan of hip-hop and has been spotted attending the concerts of Kendrick Lamar and Bryson Tiller.

James RodrĂ­guez

Photography: Twitter/@jamesdrodriguez

26, Colombia
He made a name for himself in the last World Cup and was catapulted from relative obscurity to instant fame. Don’t be fooled by is perfectly coiffed hair and chiselled features though, James is quite the softie. When he and his teammates are not rehearsing dance routines to delight the crowd, he is being a doting father to his four-year-old daughter, SolomĂ©.

Raheem Sterling

Photography: Twitter/@sterling7

23, England
Baby-faced Raheem may not be the biggest or the strongest of players, but behind those enormous brown eyes is a jokester who is known to prank his teammates by recording and uploading hilarious videos of them, while they are unaware of his lurking camera. And, really, is there anything more attractive than a guy with a great sense of humour? Plus, he cleans up pretty well.

Paul Pogba

Photography: Twitter/@paulpogba

25, France
Paul is one of the most charismatic footballers in the game. From conspicuous hairstyles that change almost weekly, to his signature ‘dab’ dance move, this statuesque Frenchman is a showman at heart and is never too far from a headline. Though his antics have divided opinion over the last year or two, on his day, he knows how to deliver a top-class performance and silence the haters.

Alexander Iwobi

World Cup
Photography: Twitter/@alexiwobi

22, Nigeria
Proud of heritage, Alex qualified to play for both England and Nigeria, yet chose the latter – instantly endearing him to the African supporters. Though still in his early 20s, the Lagos-born stud is somewhat of an old soul, according to his teammates. In an age where players carry expensive moisturizers, balms and gels in designer bags to primp and get camera-ready on game day, the soft-spoken star keeps it simple by bringing just his phone and his afro pick. So yes, that skin just happens on it’s own.

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