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AKA to spill the tea on WTF Tumi

akaNow that AKA has dropped his brand new album the next step would be is to go on a press tour right? So be prepared to see his face and hear his voice on multiple radio stations and talk shows. But his latest appearance has a funny twist to it. He has been confirmed as this Monday’s guest for WTF Tumi.

Usually, we wouldn’t bat an eyelid over this but considering just last week his ex-boo, Bonang Matheba made the news for declining an appearance from this very show on social media, it seems quite ironic. The reason for her decline was because her fans lead on that they would tear her apart and haven’t ever been very nice about Queen B, so it seems very convenient that her ex will now be on that very same show. The next best thing maybe?
Adding even more fuel to the fire the episode will air the exact same night as Bonang’s appearance on Real Talk on 3. We suspect ratings will be through the roof, if anything.

Who will you be watching?

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