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ICYMI T.I. is on South African soil!

T.I.It comes as no surprise that South Africa is international stars vacay spot of choice. I mean we have almost everything- Sun, sea, mountains, animals, culture and good food. What more could one want for an international getaway? Some like it so much that they even come back for a second time and in this case, it’s Mr Harris aka T.I. The rapper recently posted up pictures of him and his son in Cape Town on his Twitter feed.

The trip was a gift to his son for doing well in his academics. Must be nice.

Another thing our beautiful country has to offer is a great sense of humour. So when they caught wind of T.I.’s appearance in SA they saw it fit to make him one of us. How? By giving him a South African name of course.

This is not the first time this has been done. When Kevin Hart was in South Africa he also received the South African name, Mpho.

So now the only thing we’re wondering is if Themba will be doing any shows while he’s here since he’s here for an undisclosed amount of time?

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