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Nandi Madida wants to have some work done

Nandi MadidaEven though her body has been looking snatched, media personality Nandi Madida isn’t completely happy with her body. And who are we to judge, I’m sure we would all like to change something about our body. We’re only human.

In a recent interview on Cliff Central Nandi spoke about how having a baby changes your body, saying her breasts were the ones most affected, and after trying various options to get them to their original shape, she has decided that she wants to get surgery. In the interview, Gareth Cliff asked whether she would ever get a boob job and Nandi simply said, “Do you know what’s funny, I was like: “No never’ and then I saw my boobs…it’s on, I’m doing…oh yeah...”

“My boobs will never be the same, I use all of those chicken fillets every day of my life…I just want to go back to how I was, luckily I didn’t gain any weight but damn my boobs look sad.”

Yiu can listen to the full interview here:

We back you Nandi, do what makes you happy!

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