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AKA and Bonang’s relationship comes back to bite them

akaLast night Being Bonang made its debut on Mzansi Magic and fans were raving about it like they had never seen it before, although some might have not since it’s arrival to Mzansi Magic. Tweeps were so excited about the show that they even got it trending at number one on the Twitter trends list. Besides everyone being obsessed with the show, there was one subject that kept creeping up in most of the tweets that left people devastated- Bonang and AKA’s relationship. Seeing as the first season was filmed while the two were still in a relationship a lot of people were left in all of their feels revisiting the time when the couple was still happy.

TBH, it was a little too much for some fans who even wished they had a “delete this scene” button on their remotes to take AKA out of the equation. Tweeps took to social media to share how they were left feeling:

It seems a lot of fans can sometimes get a little too invested in stars relationships, but we have to admit, when the couple was good, they were good!

RIP to them.

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