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Beyoncé handled an on-stage malfunction at her concert this weekend like a boss

BeyoncéBeyoncé has a history of handling on-stage mishaps like a pro. When she took a bit of a tumble with her sister, Solange, at Coachella this year, Bey just giggled and incorporated it into her choreography. Or remember when she fixed her own hair fan after a stagehand missed their beat? Beyoncé always keeps her poker face on. That’s why she’s Beyoncé.

And what happened over the weekend during an On the Run II tour stop in Poland is no exception to this. As ET reports, toward the end of Bey’s Warsaw concert with Jay Z on June 30, a flying stage started malfunctioning during their performance of “Young Forever,” leaving Bey stranded. The crew had to bring over a ladder and convince her to climb down in her thigh-high heeled boots.

Although the situation certainly looked scary, Beyoncé took it in stride, blowing kisses and dancing while fans cheered her on and chanted her name, fan videos show. After what looks like some deliberation, she ended up climbing down the ladder and heading offstage.

Saturday’s Warsaw concert was the 11th out of 18 planned stops on the European leg of the superstar couple’s On the Run II tour. On Tuesday, according to Ticketmaster, Bey and Jay are headed to Köln, Germany, and they’ll wrap up their Europe performances in Nice, France, on July 17, before beginning the North American part of the tour in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 25.

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