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Brown Mbombo takes hair tips from Cardi B

What was life before flat irons? Hours and hours of blow drying we’re assuming. But for women who existed in the time before the infamous straightener will probably be able to relate to this video more than others. A video of our fave girl Cardi B straightening her hair with an actual clothes iron. Yes, you read that right. She made headlines for when she took to her Instagram late last year while getting ready for a show and gave her fans a glimpse of her stylist finishing off her look with a clothing iron. In the video, Cardi can be heard holding her breath as the iron is held close to her scalp and then ironed away before adding “ay, sliiiick”

See the video here:

But this was not the first time we saw this, yesterday Brown Mbombo, twin sister to media personality and model, Blue Mbombo, shared her doing the same trick on her hair on her IG stories.

APPARENTLY, this is supposed to help achieve that super flat look right at the top of the wig and to make sure those pesky flyaways and stray hairs lie extremely flat. TBH, we don’t condone this hack but, if you were ever to try out this bizarre trick should only do it on a 100% human hair wig and make sure that that you apply heat protectant before doing this. A lot of heat protectant. Please.

Someone even put a little tutorial on Youtube, give it a watch and let us know if you would ever risk it.

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