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Cheaters is coming to Mzansi and people are stressed

CheatersLast night the Twitter nation went into a state of panic when one particular tweet was posted. The infamous tweet was a call to enter ad for the South African version of … Cheaters!

In case you didn’t know, Cheaters is basically a show that exposes cheating significant others and usually ends in dramatic arguments and often a bucket-load of tears for the entire world too see. So you’ll understand why some people might be a bit worried it’s coming to our shores.

See the tweet that set people off here:

Mzansi was never ready for this. The show is already trending on Twitter and many were also already searching for the channel it will be aired on.

Tweeps went into a frenzy, imagining what the show would be like. See some of the most priceless reactions here:

We’re not going to lie, even we’re excited.

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