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Enhle Mbali praises her guardian angel

Enhle MbaliLast week, actress Enhle Mbali was involved in a traumatic hijacking in Johannesburg. She was attacked at gunpoint by three men while taking her new Porsche out for a spin. She was pulled out of her car and her jewellery and handbag were taken off her.
But by the grace of God she made it out unscathed but there was one special person who had a hand in her safe coming.

On Monday she took to Twitter to reveal that a woman by the name of Nicky stopped to help her during the hijacking. “Nicky helped me when so many people drove past the incident in Hyde Park last week. She saw guns and that didn’t stop her,” Enhle said.

See her praises here:

She also said that people like Nicky needed to be celebrated so she has decided to do something special for her. It is yet to be announced what this is but we’re excited to see.

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