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Khanyi Mbau comes for Cardi B and fails

If there is one thing you shouldn’t EVER do, it’s come for one of the worlds biggest rappers in the game at the moment. And unfortunately for Khanyi Mbau, this is exactly what she did and #BlackTwitter are not here for it. All the drama unfolded when Miss Cardi B posted a picture of her and her man with their matching Lamborghinis. To which the ever-so-sassy Khanyi retweeted it saying “Should I tell her?”
See the tweet here:

And that’s when fans went off, assuming she was talking about the time she “rented” matching Lamborghinis with businessman Mandla Mthembu. Trying to imply that she was the one who started the matching car trend and that Cardi was late to the party.
Some people laughed it off but like most Twitter rants, most were shady comments to Khanyi. See some of the responses here:

Moral of the story? Stay in your lane. (No pun intended)

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