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People are convinced this is what Harry and Meghan will name their child

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finally tied the knot (how spectacular was the wedding, btw?), people are desperate for them to have a baby, which we already know is going to be ridiculously cute.

In an interview last year, Prince Harry said that the couple wanted to “start a family in the near future”, so we’re ready whenever you are guys.

But what will the couple call the new arrival? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a lot more flexibility than William and Kate did, as their child probably won’t inherit the throne, and so they don’t necessarily have to use a royal name – and now experts are predicting what they’ll pick.

Pamela Redmond Satran, co-creator of baby name website Nameberry, has put Diana down as a top pick if the baby is a girl, as a tribute to Harry’s late mother.

“Diana is, of course, Harry’s mother’s name and the people’s top choice for Meghan and Harry’s daughter,” explains Pamela.

“William and Kate broke some royal ice when they used Diana for one of Princess Charlotte’s middle names, but Harry and Meghan could take that one step further by using Diana as a first name. Diana is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt. Her Greek equivalent is Artemis, which might be an alternative choice.”

Other choices for a girl include Eleanor, as it’s already an iconic name in royal circles and American feminism, or Sophia – a name that perfectly bridges British and American culture.

If it’s a boy, Pamela thinks Meghan will lean towards Alvin, after her grandfather, Alvin Ragland.

“Alvin was an antique dealer who left his house in Los Angeles to Meghan’s mom Doria,” explains Pamela.

Everybody thought that Kate and William’s son, Prince Louis, was going to be called Arthur, so there’s also the possibility that the royal name will take the top spot for Meghan and Harry.

James was also on the cards for Kate and Will’s kids, but Pamela explains that Meghan and Harry would be more likely to pick it.

Unfortunately for Meghan, even when the time comes, being a royal and living in a palace and having a wardrobe worth £750,000 doesn’t come without its drawbacks.

In accordance with royal protocol, the family adhere to a strict dress code, reportedly having to dress in ‘smart casual’ attire at all times. We already couldn’t hack it.

But not only that, the golden rule of the royal family is strictly no tracksuits.

Yep, that’s right. Meghan will have to say goodbye to leggings and opt for maternity dresses, just as Kate did right up to the birth of all three of her children.

She can definitely kick back in a tracksuit at home, so she doesn’t have to watch Netflix in a pencil skirt, but when out (and especially around the Queen), lazy-day-attire is totally off limits.

Thank God we can’t get a Prince to marry us…

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