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Our President thinks Obama can’t dance?

Yesterday the 16th annual Nelson Mandela lecture took place in Johannesburg and there was one very special guest speaker. Mr Barack Obama, the former President of the U.S in case you didn’t know. Besides the inspiring and tear-jerking speeches, it seemed to be a battle of the presidents as our President Cyril Ramaphose poked fun at Obama. As he took to the podium to begin his speech he started off by saying Mr Obama’s dancing skills were not up to scratch. Ouch…

His exact words were: “I have laid in bed and dreamt of being like Madiba, Obama has achieved this. Nobel Peace Laureate, commitment to empowering young people. One area where he cannot match Madiba, he cannot dance as well as Madiba.”

When Obama finally had a chance to speak he admitted to being confused but couldn’t help but agree because his wife, Michelle was the one with the dance moves.

Twitter decided to chime in as usual and posted receipts of all the accused to prove Ramaphose’s allegations.

Take a look at all the videos below and let us know what you think:

Now, all we need is a video of Cyril dancing to get to the bottom of this.

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