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Refilwe Modiselle corrects Date My Family

5 Celebs reveal their superwoman - Refilwe ModiselleAfter Sunday night’s episode of Date My Family, there was one star who was left very frustrated. Model and radio presenter Refilwe Modiselle is a living with and a proud advocate for albinism but believed that on the show they disrespected the condition.

Tumelo, a contestant on the show, who has the same condition, was looking for love on Sunday’s episode but was offended when one of the girls on the show referred to people living with albinism as “albino people”. Refilwe was very quick to take to Twitter to question why the show’s creators had not corrected her.

As seen from the above, Refilwe is very passionate about the subject and just wants people to see it from her perspective. What are your thought?

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