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Thembisa Mdoda calls out tweep for racist remarks

Thembisa MdodaWhether you like it or not, people today think they can post almost anything on social media and it is deemed okay. Whether it be hateful comments, biased opinions or simply trash, unfortunately, the ugly world of social media gives people a platform to express their views without repercussions. And this is exactly what Thembisa Mdoda experienced. She was very quick to call out a Twitter user for racist comments about apartheid, which resulted in a heated exchange between the two.

It all started when the ignorant ‘Johnny’ tweeted about being frustrated about the service at King Shaka International Airport.

“Bags have been dribbling out a few at a time for 25 minutes. One of the things I hate most about ending Apartheid…is that our civilisation has to be reduced to theirs,” tweeted the user.

Thembisa was clearly not impressed with this remark and decided to fire back:

To which ‘Johnny’ replied with another offensive comment and it basically all spiralled from there.

Wow. We are pretty speechless but well done Thembisa for going up against him.

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