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Trevor Stuurman to photograph Barack Obama’s African adventure

Trevor Stuurman
Photography: Instagram/@davidnyanzi

Former U.S. President Barack Obama announced via his Twitter account that he would be in Africa this week for an appearance in Kenya and he is also delivering the Nelson Mandela lecture today in Johannesburg. But this is not the most exciting news of it all. Photographer and artist Trevor Stuurman have been chosen to document Barack’s visit to Alego, Kenya.

He announced the exciting news on Twitter saying: “It’s only when one stands with greatness that we can fully comprehend and measure the magnitude of our own dreams. I am incredibly honoured to have been commissioned by the Auma Obama Foundation to document President Obama’s stay at his ancestral land in Alego, Kenya (sic).”

He has already posted a couple of pictures to his Instagram from the visit. See them here:

Congrats Trevor! What an honour.

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