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ICYMI: Bonang is not giving away R100k

bonangImagine winning R100 000 from a celeb who probably uses that as small change? Amazing right? Well, this is exactly what fans of Bonang Matheba thought they could win but it seems it was too good to be true. An SMS has been making the rounds stating that you could stand a chance to win R100k with Queen B and she caught wind of this.

In order to keep the peace and set the record straight Bonang took a screenshot and posted it on Twitter stating that this was definitely a scam and people should not fall for it.

See the tweet here:

But if you remember this is not the first time this has happened, back in July a similar situation took place where she again had to let the people know that people were using her name for their own personal gain.

She shared a post and captioned it, “If I was giving away money, you’d know. Lol.”

So there we have it, unless Bonang herself let’s you know she’s giving away an insane amount of cash, it’s most probably a scam.

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