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Having a quarter life crisis or a millennial melt down? Then, LISTEN to this podcast!

Navigating your twenties, and even your thirties can be excruciatingly painful for most of us. During this chapter of your life  you’re constantly hearing the critical voices of society telling you that you should have your ish together, when in reality you and everyone around you are just trying to figure life out.

Millennial podcast in my 20s rutendo nyamuda

Luckily, PR and Communications Director and 20-something, Rutendo Nyamuda just launched a podcast, titled, In My 20s, that aims to shed light on what 20 and 30-somethings in South Africa are really going through.


In this episode Rutendo speaks with influencer and social media manager, Abongwe Qokela.

We picked Rutendo’s brain about starting our new favourite millennial-approved podcast…

Internationally, there are so many podcasts, but there’s still a huge gap in the South African market. Why did you decide to start the In My 20s podcast? 
I often have the most incredible life discussions with friends and I’m always left thinking ‘why has no one recorded this conversation?’

The choice to focus on a podcast that speaks to people in their 20s and 30s is simply because I’m living through that season of my life right now. And often I find through discussions that, first of all, I’m not the only one experiencing certain things in life and, secondly, that within us and people in our generation that we actually have the answers and the validation that we seek from the rest of the world.

Also, I’ve listened to so many podcasts and have always wanted to start one. Earlier this year I made it one of my 2018 goals, so I’m really happy that I can tick that off.

Tomorrow we sit down for the historic first episode of “In My 20s”. Our first guest Abongwe Qokela (@iamAbongwe) is a content creator, expressionist, model and social media manager who will be chatting about her journey of becoming an influencer as well as the biggest changes and life lessons that she experienced in her 20s. • “20s are a launch. Because you go through your teens and think by 25 I’ll have my life together, I’ll have a car, I’ll have a house and then for me when I was 25 I was not even close to any of those things. I was literally just finding that I might like this or might like that…” -Abongwe Qokela • #podcast #inmy20s #20something #QLC #quaterlifecrisis #millennials #conversations #influencer #30somethings #lifelessons

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What you want listeners to take away from listening to your podcast convos? 
I want the listeners to feel that whatever they’re going through in life, there are many people going through the same thing. In My 20s is an honest conversation on self-discovery with people who are navigating various aspects of their lives including: life, love, purpose, happiness, travel as well as the quarter life crisis.

I would also love for the listeners to gain some insight and wisdom from their peers. And hearing that people have gone through and are going through the same season of life, I hope, will inspire and motivate people go after their own dreams.

The In My 20s is available on Soundcloud and Youtube.

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