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EXCLUSIVE: TiMO ODV on what he really thinks about the music scene!

Timo odvJust when you thought TiMO ODV had fallen off the music scene after not releasing any new music since last year, he surprised his devout fans with two fresh tracks!
GLAMOUR caught up with him to find out about his new music, his views on the music scene and what is next for him.

See here what he had to say:

You have been described you as ‘one of the SA’s biggest artists’. What does this title mean to you?

I honestly don’t know, I’ve never really paid attention to titles, I just keep running my race. However, I am humbled by the compliment.

What got you into the game in the first place?

When I discovered music production software, I got so hooked I couldn’t stop making music. Seven years later now, nothing’s changed. 

You’ve been making music since around 2012, but in that time what have been the biggest changes you’ve recognised in the local and international music industry?

Trends come and go and even in such a small time frame. I’ve seen artists come and go, genres evolve and sounds change and so has mine, fortunately.

In your opinion what makes a concert or festival successful?

Good music and a well-organized line-up. You could have 10 artists play in the wrong order and the festival will be so bad, but you could have the same 10 artists in the right order and the festival will work out amazing. You don’t eat dessert before starters, nor do you eat starters after the main course. 

When producing music, what are your strengths?

I’d say I’m not too shabby at writing catchy bass lines and vocal melodies as well as sound designing the right sounds for the songs I produce. 

And what are your weaknesses?

Drums, yoh! Sometimes it can take me a week to make the simple unts unts unts that matches my song. 

If there was one element of present-day electronic music that you could change, what would it be and why?

Nothing to be honest. Electronic music evolves so quickly, it’s what I love about it. When there is something I hate, I usually just have to wait 6 months and it’s gone anyway. 

What have you got that no other artist has?

A sober mind as well as my dead grandmother’s diamond earrings, lol!


What do you envy most in other people or performers?

The ability to sometimes sacrifice art and feelings to entertain people. I wear my heart on my sleeve I’ve never been able to wear a mask if I’m not feeling it, you’ll probably see that I’m not.

And now? What is life like for you? 

I love it, I’m living my dream and staying true to my heart.

Tell us about your two latest releases “Feel Your Love” and “We Get Ravey,” and what do they mean to you?

They are a continuation of my journey to explore new sounds and follow the more “club” sound I’ve been making since “Dancing again”.

Tell us about your best show. What was great about it? 

I’d say my favourite was Rocking The Daisies; there’s just something special about people leaving all the other stages at the festival to come party at your stage. 

And the worst show? Why?

Yoh, one of my first ones where people didn’t know who I was and kept requesting 90’s RNB.

For young entrepreneurs looking to make a start in music or radio, what advice can you offer them on building a brand from scratch?

I’d say focus on the art and the process more than the outcome. In general, a great painter doesn’t set out to be a great painter, he just loves painting and keeps painting no matter what

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